Library Volunteers

Please consider volunteering in the library this year by signing up below! We can use all of your help. 
Duties include: Checking in/out books, helping students find books and re shelving books (numerical/alphabetical). No experience needed!  

Junior Achievement - 2nd & 4th Grades - Sign up Below!

Calling All Super Heroes Who Would like to Make a Difference In A Child's Life!  
JA in A Day Needs You!

As we begin to prepare for a new year, please consider volunteering for the upcoming  2019 JA in A Day for our 2nd-5th Grades.  I know that we have an abundance of  talented professionals in our Shafer Family and that you have valuable experience that you can share about your  business/organization with our students.   

We welcome you and even your employees and colleagues of your business/organization to partner with us in our effort to make a difference in our children's lives by teaching JA.  If you are interested in learning how your business/organization can partner with us in the classrooms please contact Evease Tucker, JA Coordinator, at shaferpta.ja.org

"Did you know that our professional identities are evolving and are no longer just about what we do from 9-5, but what we’re passionate about outside of work?  Did you know that when you add the Volunteer & Causes section to your LinkedIn profile, you are able to share not only the causes you care about, but also list nonprofits that you’re involved in (like JA®!), in much the same way you’d add work experience to your profile."

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