Welcome back to our Shafer Knights and Families! We are looking forward to another amazing year at Shafer Elementary!

Like many of you, Katy is not my home. It’s not the place I was raised or the place my children were born, but it has become my home because of the “family” we have made here. Despite its very Large size, shafer has a special feel, a community built on virtues, character and love for our amazing children! It is definitely unique, and we are blessed to belong to such a special family!

Like many of you, PTA was a place to get involved so that the overwhelming size of the school and district could put these mom fears at ease. Intimidated by not knowing anyone, by a perceived lack of knowledge and skills, and by an overall reluctance to step up, I pushed through my own self-doubt and raised my hand to become a PTA leader. Although that night I might have disagreed in a moment of panic, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Through pta, I have met amazing parents, wonderful children, and dedicated teachers & administrators. I have had the pleasure of impacting the lives of our children. And greatest of all, I have met some of the most amazing people and formed life-long friendships. This has become our family!

Like many of you, I realize that pta can be intimidating! But I also know that if we can put our pre-conceived notions aside, embrace our amazing diversity, and look at getting involved as a chance to make friends, ease our fears and impact our children, then we can continue to make shafer a place that we all love!

My charge to you this year is to get involved, whether that is taking on a leadership position, volunteering for a specific event, helping your classroom teacher or just taking the time to share your positive experiences and say thank you! Make a positive impact on the place that our children will spend the majority of their time. And lastly, I ask you for your patience, your kindness and your forgiveness as we all work together to make this an amazing year!

Erin Cain
Shafer PTA President